Babolat AeroPro Drive Cortex

BABOLAT AeroPro Drive Cortex Tennis RacquetsBabolat has been a leading manufacturer in tennis equipment since 1875 and has clearly been a dominating force within the tennis world. One of their latest racquets is the Aeropro Drive Cortex. This racquet features a heap of technologies to maximize players’ game for top performance on all surfaces all the time. From the perfect balance, to the extreme amount of spin capabilities, this frame can satisfy any player.


As I mentioned earlier, this racquet is pumped with Babolat technologies that work together to perform at optimum levels. Making its debut on this aeropro frame is the cortex system. The cortex system adds a built-in dampener above the grip that provides supreme shock absorption to allow the player better feel and touch on the ball. I noticed that with this cortex system added, a dampener was not really needed. Like the older model, the woofer technology and aero modular frame are present for the benefit of the player. The woofer technology adds piston-like humps on the grommet to add a suspension to the strings for greater sweet spot and more forgiveness when miss hits occur, and the aero modular frame makes the frame easier to swing and allow for greater head speed.


After playing for countless hours’ on the ball machine, this racquet feels quite smooth and solid on impact. The frame is very easy to swing because of its perfect balance and aerodynamic frame. I found that is was very easy to apply topspin and punch to the ball, and the found it vary easy to vary between the two. I practiced hitting my shots and going for the corners, and accomplished it with ease. I loved the ease that came on my swing and how perfect the frame felt in my hand.


Oh boy, oh boy, need I say more? Usually, I keep my backhand usually flat, hard and little topspin, but this racquet allowed me to apply more topspin and keep easy rally shots. I also was able to use my newly discovered backhand to setup points to my favor for easy put-aways. My backhand backspin went from an ugly duckling, to a beautiful swan. I usually reserve this shot for defense, but this frame allowed me to change the pace of the point to keep my opponent on his toes.


Like its predecessor, this racquet adds a huge amount of variety to apply either spin or a more flat serve. Usually, my kick serve never has enough bite behind it to be a force-to-be-reckoned-with, but this frame adds the pop to make it a considerable first serve and a great second. I could easily vary my serve position and keep my opponent from reading my placement. I found it to be a great frame for serving.

Serve Return

Serve return is the most important fundamental shot in tennis. If you can never return your opponents serve, how can you break him? Hope he double faults a whole game? This racquet can handle any type of serve on contact and, with the correct choice of swing, can hit easy return winners or block back unexpected serves to keep you in the point.


This racquet at the net offers superior handling and maneuverability. I found that the plus version (27.5 inches rather than the standard 27 inches.) had more reach and support. Both version offered top-notch feel for great control. I noticed it much easier to hit those dreaded “dump” volleys or “drop” volleys that become easy points.

On the Whole…

This racquet offers great amount of leeway for alternating between flat shots and high spin shots, whether it be backspin or topspin. The frame features just about the best technologies Babolat has to offer and overall, I a great racquet that I recommend to anyone to buy or at least a for sure demo.

Reviewed by: Arman Nikkhoo

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