HEAD YOUTEK Speed Pro Tennis Racquets98 square inches, 16 x 19 string pattern, 11.8 ounces unstrung

Don’t let the the lily white color of the YOUTEK Speed Pro fool you, it’s a tough, fuzz-busting customer. Players with quick, compact strokes will love the extra push this stick will provide and spinner players will like the way the racquet feels like it’s on automatic from the moment of contact.

Are you a player looking for a little more depth on your strokes? This could be your new best friend. The stock 11.8 ounce listing means punching power is the calling card of this frame. It hits like a hammer. Get it through the strike zone and watch all 98 of the Speed Pro’s square inches go to work.

The thinner beam frame of the Speed Pro is a bit of a throwback, but a nice change of pace. Many players might remember those late 1980’s racquets player’s frames and all they loved about those thinner racquets. Go a little retro here, and this racquet might take you down memory lane.

The Speed Pro is definitely on the upper edge of the stiffness index and feels a bit “throat heavy”, which is not a problem for those that are use to weightier frames. The 98 square inches also gives it a bit more playing surface to hit with and the steep ovalness of the frame add to that illusion.

Beginners, sub 4.0 level players and head light frame lovers might want to shy away from this bad boy. They also may find it too stiff for their liking. Feel players may also find it a bit lacking and clunky, though the stronger, baseline-bashing brethren should absolutely love it.

Volleys and returns with this racquet were out of sight, as this racquet really shines in areas of the court where the stiffness can be put to good use. Groundies and serves took a bit more time to cooperate and get under control, but spins were severe and power was abundant when it did.

The YOUTEK Speed Pro is not a straight-off-the-shelves-and-onto-the-court type of stick. This racquet definitely requires a breaking in period and getting-used-to process, as the endorser of this frame, Novak Djokovic, found out last year. But give it some time, and there’ll be many happy returns.

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