Prince O3 Speedport Black

Prince O3 Speedport BlackThe Prince O3 Speedport Black is definitely one-of-a-kind. Containing the unique Speedport Tuning System (STS), it provides players with the opportunity to customize their racquet to their personal needs. This system was created by Prince to offer the player two separate feels. When purchasing the O3 Speedport Black, as well as the O3 Speedport Tour, you will receive two sets of grommets, which determine the feel of the racquet. With this unique versatility, I could further customize the racquet either by adding more power or more control. Switching grommets can easily be done during stringing.

Ground Strokes

With this wondrous Speedport Tuning System, the O3 Black provides the player with optimum performance. From the baseline, your shots carry with true power. When the set of regular grommets is utilized, I noticed a more traditional feel. With the soft grommets, the sweet spot is enlarged, thus providing more power to my shots. It felt like I had a larger string area to work with, and it made a difference in power. My ground strokes were deeper without additional effort. I loved my backhand with this racquet, as it really added an extra boost of power. Because of this, I really threw off my opponent’s timing. With my forehand, it was easy to outmaneuver my opponent with strong angle shots. (Hitting these angled shots pulls my opponent off court which leaves me with a winner opportunity.) The O3’s innovational technology helps players to tweak their racquets to augment their own individual styles.

At the Net

With this racquet, your net game is a cinch. Your volleys become put-aways, allowing your confidence to build. When I’d come in to volley, I noticed that my volleys were easier to keep low and deep. With this advantage, I could really put pressure on the passer. I began to come up to the net more often because I became more comfortable with my volleys. When my opponent would pop up the ball, my overheads were untouchable, due to the extra power. When using the traditional set of grommets, I had more feel for my volleys. This racquet provides you with a superb amount of power and feel when up at net.


This racquet’s different feel really assists the player’s serve tremendously. The extra “umph” gets the ball across the net faster. Since one set of grommets enlarges the sweet spot, your serve becomes more of a weapon. I loved serving with this racquet because I could easily hit the serve I wanted with optimum power. I found that my opponents would move further back when returning, so that made it easier to pull them off-court. With the traditional grommets, I found it easier to control the serve – for instance, it was simple to direct the serve down the “T”. Serving with the O3 black was a great experience.

Serve Return

My returns were dominant!. That unquestionably boosted my confidence. I was able to consistently keep my returns deep. With this racquet’s different grommet capabilities, the player gets to choose between having a larger sweet spot or extra feel for the ball when returning. I loved having the customization capability, and I found that both worked well when returning. The larger sweet spot helped me return deep cross court. The traditional feel grommets added finesse to my returns.

On the whole…

The Prince O3 Speedport Black is an incredible racquet. With the Speedport Tuning System technology, this racquet provides players with unique versatility. The O3 Black has the unusual ability to be customized to suit the demands of each individual competitor. This racquet is great for the intermediate players who strive for optimum power and finesse. Its customization capabilities allow players to fine tune their particular feel for the game. This is a great versatile racquet for players who want both extra strength and good feel for the ball.