Yonex RDS 001 Midplus

 YONEX RDS 001 Tennis RacketsThe Yonex Company has come a long way to bring players new and innovative technologies in their racquet frames to improve their game. Each Yonex tennis racquet is loaded with state of the art technology for enhanced performance. The RDS 001 Midplus is no exception; it features the Isometric square head shape for a larger sweetspot, Elastic Ti in the shaft for better control, Soft Grommet for comfort, and a lot more. With a 98 square inch headsize and 11.1 oz. unstrung weight, the Yonex RDS 001 Midplus is a spin friendly and maneuverable tennis racquet that also offers plenty of pop.


With its light weight, I was able to generate more racquet head speed from the baseline, resulting in more power and spin. I found a good amount of pop on my shots and was able to get the depth I wanted off my groundstrokes. I also found plenty of control on my shots, being able to place balls with ease. I was able to generate plenty of spin off my groundstrokes with the RDS 001 Midplus, while getting a good amount of depth in them. The 98 sq. in. headsize has a good sized sweet spot that was more forgiving on mis-hits and comfortable as well. With a head-light balance, the RDS 001 Midplus was still maneuverable despite its lighter weight. Though the racquet provided some power, I was not hitting my shots too long and the extra pop helped with clearing the net. From the baseline, the RDS 001 Midplus had a crisp feel that was great. With great spin, pop, and maneuverability, the racquet was a solid performer at the baseline.


At the net, the RDS 001 Midplus was maneuverable and offers a crisp response. My volleys were precise with a crisp feel. The midplus headsize offers some power that really helped with putting away shots. The midplus headsize also offers more forgiveness on reaction volleys, giving me some control over where the ball lands. I was able to get depth with my volleys and enjoyed rushing up to the net for an attack. With angled volleys, I needed to work a little harder to get them to land where I wanted them to. The consistent solid and crisp feel on my volleys were impressive. When hitting against faster pace shots, the RDS 001 Midplus was not very stable and that cost me points.


The easy spin generation of the RDS 001 Midplus from the groundstrokes carried over to the serves. I was able to generate fast racquet head speeds for greater spin production on my serves. With easy generation of spin, my kick serves were fantastic. The midplus headsize also added some power to my serves when I needed it. I found that I was able to serve a variety of serves, hitting each one with a good amount of control and placement. Despite the amount of spin and control the RDS 001 Midplus offered, I had difficulty hitting serves out wide. With a wide range of serves, I could set up some easy volleys for myself.

Serve Returns

The maneuverability and sweet spot made the RDS 001 Midplus a solid performer on serve returns. With the amount of power and spin that the racquet offers, I was able to face head on against the serves and return them with confidence. On weaker serves I was able to take a full swing and really punish my opponent with spin. On the bigger serves the midplus headsize allowed me to block them with some control over the direction. The RDS 001, with its head light balance, was maneuverable enough for me to get into position for wide serves, although trying to whip up the returns with a lot of spin was often inconsistent.


The Yonex RDS 001 Midplus seemed to perform well on the court, appealing to a wide range of players. The spin potential, feel, power, and maneuverability was balanced enough and worked well. With fast racquet head speed at the baseline and on serves, players who like to generate spin will enjoy the RDS 001 Midplus. The comfortable feel on volleys and returns are also pleasing. Aggressive baseliners will find the spin potential and power to be impressive, although a full stroke may hit shots too long. Players looking for faster racquet head speed to produce more spin on groundstrokes and serves will find the Yonex RDS 001 Midplus to their liking.

Reviewed by: Michael Tan

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